Friday, October 12, 2007

Zipperer ready to fight Doyle's proposed budget

A short note from State Rep. Rich Zipperer:

Dear Friends,

On Monday at 1pm, the State Assembly will come into a ‘special session’ called by Governor Doyle. The purpose of the special session is to consider the Governor’s newest budget proposal, a proposal which still includes over one billion in new taxes.

Over the weekend, I will be working hard to encourage my colleagues, both Republicans and Democrats, to reject this extreme tax increase. As a constituent of the 98th Assembly District, you can rest assured that I will not vote to increase your taxes. Please take a moment this weekend, however, and contact your friends and family throughout Wisconsin. Urge them to contact their representative and encourage them to vote no along with me. Together, we can defeat this massive tax hike.

Zippperer also has a press release explaining his position:
"One billion dollars in new taxes. $700 per family. That's the poison pill Governor Doyle is attempting to sell to the people of Wisconsin," said Zipperer. "The Legislature needs to reject this proposal on Monday so the leaders of the Assembly and Senate can get back to real negotiations. This budget from Governor Doyle is nothing but a side-show."

According to the non-partisan Legislative Reference Bureau, this is the first time in Wisconsin's history that a governor has introduced a revised budget. Zipperer said he will emphatically vote no on Governor Doyle's budget in order to prevent a tax hike that averages almost $173 for every man, woman and child in Wisconsin, or $700 for a family of four.

While this misguided budget must be rejected, he also encouraged the Senate Democrats to stop neglecting their duties and take up Assembly Bill 506 and 507 on Monday. AB506 and 507 will provide school districts across Wisconsin with the funding they need, as well as ward off a $600 million property tax increase. These provisions, with funding levels requested by the Governor, have broad bipartisan support.

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