Monday, October 01, 2007

Tastes like chicken

A hunter was surprised by a four-foot alligator in the Milwaukee River in Washington County. (Ht: Boots & Sabers)

When the gator's eyes went back under the water, Long fired, hitting the reptile and leaving it stunned.

He called to his cousin and hunting partner, Chris Sagan of Milwaukee, who poked the alligator with a stick and ran when it moved.

"We both thought nobody is going to believe us. We made a decision to bring it back dead or alive, and more likely dead," Long said.

The 25-pound gator appeared to have died from a shot to the head. They dragged it to a field and headed to the home of their uncle, Herb Sagan, for help in bringing in their quarry.
What else can we possibly blame for an alligator in Wisconsin except...

global warming?