Monday, October 01, 2007

Robson could fix the problem tomorrow

State Senator Judy Robson asked State Superintendent of Public Instruction Elizabeth Burmaster to calculate the state aid to schools based upon the likely number that will eventually be agreed upon in the state budget. Burmaster is sticking with last year's numbers.

"Respectfully, without a formal budget agreement from the Legislature and the governor, the most accurate data available today remains the level of general equalization aid that is currently authorized in state statute," she wrote.
Senate Minority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is not going to help Robson either. October 15th is Burmaster's deadline for reporting state aid to the school districts, and Fitzgerald sees no reason to extend it. Neither Huebsch nor Fitzgerald see a budget likely to pass by that date.

Of course, Robson could fix her headache tomorrow by passing the education portion of the budget just as the Assembly Republicans did. Instead she's looking to be single-handedly responsible for increasing state property taxes by nearly $600 million.

C'mon Judy. Do it for the children.