Friday, October 19, 2007

Limbaugh letter over $2 million for charity

After Media Matters took Rush Limbaugh's statement completely out of context and 41 Democratic senators signed a letter condemning him, Rush Limbaugh has proved to be smarter than his critics - again.

He auctioned off the letter on EBay, as well as a briefcase supplied by Halliburton to house it, for $2,100,100.00. The proceeds of the auction will go to a charity for children of Marine Corps members who die while on duty.

Congratulations to MissionFish for getting such a large donation, congratulations to the bidder for winning at auction such a historic document, and congratulations to Rush Limbaugh who responded to his critics with style and class.

Update! Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid eats crow. National Review has the transcript. Rush Limbaugh has been playing the audio. It's hilarious (unless you're a Democrat).

Update! I keep forgetting to note, and I'm trying to beat the commenters, the auction actually raised over $4 million because Rush Limbaugh is matching the auction proceeds.

Update! Here's the video of Rush announcing the identity of the winning bidder:

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