Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where will John Galt be?

The Randians are invading Washington DC on October 6th to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the publishing of Atlas Shrugged. I have an idea. Let's get a blogger field trip together and join the fun. Me, Dad29, and Tom McMahon. Let's see how fast we can get shown the door.

"Excuse me, could you please show me where the Whittaker Chambers study group is meeting?"

If they are committed Randians (pun intended), why is the meeting in Washington DC? Shouldn't they be meeting in New York instead? Or Chile? Or even Los Angeles? I mean, talk about the pursuit of self-gratification through production, what better place than Hollywood?

Too bad the Washington Times isn't a sponsor. Then they could've had the Moonies in attendance, too. Let's see, get the Libertarians, the Objectivists, the Moonies, and then invite the Scientologists and they could have a grand time. Na-nu, Na-nu. Mork calling Orson...

But seriously, what would Ayn Rand thought of the anniversary conference?

"No!" she snarled. Her lip curled even as she filled with passion for his selfish indifference. "Anniversaries are for the collectivists doomed to their past."

"Yes!" as he took her into his strong arms, arms once used to forge steel for the looters, but now they held her against her will, just the way she liked it. "You must learn to confront those that are weaker than you. It is only then can you overcome their weakness and find the greatness in yourself."

"I hate you," she growled, and attempted to slap his face but his grip was too strong which was what she knew she wanted but could not say. She could not be weak in front of him.

"You love me," he said forcefully, looking into her eyes as if compelling her to admit weakness, "and you're going with me to Washington."

Yes, she would go with him to Washington, and she would confront the looters and the collectivists. She would tell them that she was there to deliver a manifesto to unite mankind under the single banner of the dollar sign. For it is the dollar sign which is true mark of productivity and ability. She would show them that there are superior men in the world producing for the sake of the doing and not for mankind. That they achieve their greatness only for themselves. That the highest attainment a man can reach is when he does something only for himself. Her heart beat faster and broke free from his grip. She kissed him hard, harder than he had ever been kissed before. She was worthy now. She was his equal. And they were superior.

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