Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What would you do?

Here's a question you don't see addressed in Writer's Digest. The editor of the newspaper that runs your column calls and asks you a question about the column running tomorrow. Then he says, "I know you're getting ready to watch the debate." The reality is that you forgot about the debate, are completely exhausted, and are planning on watching "Kipper the Dog" with your six-year-old instead. Do you
a) change your mind and watch the debate.
b) tell him you're watching "Kipper the Dog" as research for your next column.
c) have your kid watch Star Wars on your laptop computer while you fall asleep in your big chair with the debate on in the background.

Bonus question: whom would you trust more with this country's foreign policy? Kipper the Dog or Ron Paul the Libertarian?

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