Thursday, September 13, 2007

Have book, will travel

WTMJ's Charlie Sykes is making the rounds promoting his latest book, 50 Rules Kids Won't Learn in School: Real-World Antidotes to Feel-Good Education (you can read my review here). His most recent stop was to Marquette Law School, live-blogged by Marquette Professor John McAdams. Here's a little bit of radio stuff I found interesting in McAdams' report:

How about the "standing up for what's right" slogan. Goes back to the Ament pension scandal. Belling had the slogan "standing up for Milwaukee." Sykes viewed Belling as "soft" on the issue, and adopted the slogan to express that he was standing up for the right thing. But of course it also means "standing up for the political right," which Sykes also happily embraces.
McAdams also notes in an update the law school has the audio up already of Sykes' lecture. Charlie's next stop is the Schwartz bookstore in Brookfield Monday evening starting at 7:00 PM.

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