Monday, September 10, 2007

Fill those empty seats

Milwaukee Public School teacher Jay Bullock asks from his center square just how many students should be in the high school English class he teaches. Now it's been a number of years since I graduated from the Milwaukee Public Schools, but I'm guessing senior English is still "British Authors" (too much Hardy, Beowulf, Browning and Bronte; and not enough Kipling, Chesterton, Orwell and Dickens). Well, assuming we're dealing with a semi-competent professional (and I have no reason to suspect otherwise), and given the subject matter, and given the relative age of his students, I think a lecture hall of 350-400 students would be okay. Just have them go through the metal detector first. One, maybe two TAs.

I didn't bother to read Jay's answer, but I'm guessing it's pretty close to mine.

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