Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dear Mike

State Representative Rich Zipperer sent the following letter to Speaker Huebsch:

September 5, 2007

Speaker Mike Huebsch
Room 211 West
Wisconsin State Capitol

Speaker Huebsch,

As the budget conference committee continues its important task of working out the differences between the Assembly and Senate budgets, I want to thank you for your steadfast support of Wisconsin's taxpayers.

As you know, the Assembly budget, which I supported, put families and taxpayers ahead of state bureaucracy by holding the line on spending and saying no to new tax increases. Under your leadership, we were able to pass a budget in the Assembly that funded Wisconsin's top priorities, including an historic investment in K-12 education, while not increasing the already too-high tax burden in Wisconsin. In fact, our budget included over $75 million in additional targeted tax relief, including tax credits for college tuition, health insurance premiums, retirement income, and Health Savings Accounts.

The Senate budget, on the other hand, was a stark contrast. The Senate Democrats' budget included over $18 billion in new tax increases, including a $15.2 billion tax increase for their Healthy Wisconsin health care scheme. As you know, their proposed tax increase would be the largest tax increase not only in Wisconsin history, but of any state in our nation's history. It would give Wisconsin the dismal honor of having the highest tax burden in the country, and in my opinion, would force businesses and retirees to flee from our state in search of a better tax climate.

Indeed, just last week we learned that business groups from other states are already using the Democrats' proposed tax increase as a recruitment tool to lure businesses and jobs away from Wisconsin. The Senate's plan is a recipe for disaster for Wisconsin's taxpayers and economy.

As the conference committee continues to work on the budget, I am writing today to reiterate the importance of continuing to stand up for Wisconsin taxpayers. While the majority of taxpayers may not be able to travel to the capitol and lobby for a no-tax-increase-budget, you can rest assured that the silent majority of Wisconsinites understand that the efforts you are taking to stand against tax increases are vital to the future of our state.

In fact, in recent weeks I have heard from numerous seniors, families, businesses, and investors who have all expressed concern about high taxes potentially driving them away from our great state. They understand that the only thing standing between their pocketbooks and an historic tax increase is the Assembly Republican Majority, and we need to continue our fight despite the rhetoric from Governor Doyle, Senate Democrats, and special interest groups interested in nothing more than expanding government power and increasing state spending.

Thank you again for your efforts on behalf of Wisconsin's taxpayers. Wisconsin can have a budget that funds our key priorities while not increasing taxes; the Assembly budget shows how.


Rich Zipperer
State Representative

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