Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bright lights into the corners of Larry Craig

The Washington Post is reporting Senate Republicans have one weapon left to get Larry Craig to resign, open ethics committee hearings.

Worried that the disgraced lawmaker intends to remain in the Senate indefinitely, they are threatening to notch up the public humiliation by seeking an open ethics hearing on the restroom scandal that enveloped Craig last month.

The Senate hearing would examine the original charges in Craig's case, including the allegation of "interference with privacy," for peeping into the bathroom stall occupied by an undercover police officer. One senior Republican aide imagined "witnesses, documents, all in front of the klieg lights." The committee also could look for "a pattern of conduct" -- which means combing court records in other locales to discover whether Craig had prior arrests that haven't come to light.
Promises to be a grisly affair. However, as a commenter at The Carpetbagger notes,

Yes, and Craig’s lawyer has already hinted that this will touch off a round of political MAD.

Sen. Craig (R-Bathroom Stall) once was allowed to sit at the cool kids table and I doubt he’s forgotten all juicy gossip his former BFFs talked about over the brandy and cigars [looks at David Vitter].

Craig could make himself the GOP version of Larry Flynt by asking for dirt (under the guise of bringing family values to The Capitol) and spend all of his spare time filing complaint after complaint with the Ethics Committee.

"Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out." - Robert Graves