Sunday, September 02, 2007

Another white guy on a jury

What are the odds a defense attorney is not going to use a pre-emption to knock WTMJ's Jeff Wagner off the jury.

Everyone I've told this story to says "Yeah, like any lawyer will ever put you on a jury"! I mean, just because I've been a trial lawyer myself, my wife and brother are trial lawyers, I'm known to have relatively strong opinions on most issues relating to the court system and I'm prone to second guess everything the lawyers and judge might do (in a very public forum such as on my radio program), someone might be reluctant to put me on a jury?
WISN's Mark Belling got picked for jury duty and ended up filing an open records request for all the e-mails between the judges that resulted from his appearance at the jury pool. While he didn't get picked for any trial (what a shock) reading the e-mails on the air made for pretty good radio.

Maybe Wagner should've employed the McNally defense to get out of jury duty.