Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The wild skies of Waukesha

The things I won't do for my readers.

Tuesday night the Boca Del Vista Condo Board Waukesha Common Council decided to postpone action on restricting the siting of helipads to the airport, the hospital and other possible emergency locations until their meeting on September 4th. Even Alderman Vitale laughed at how often the council likes to put things off.

However, judging from my notes, I suspect that Kropp's conditional use permit request may be in trouble. Even Alderman Peggy Bull, who seems to believe that every business in her district will soon be flying helicopters to and fro, didn't think the conditional use permit would go through.

Kropp's attorney claimed that Kropp moved his business to Waukesha just so he could fly his helicopter to work in our neighborhood. Only one person from our side (me) spoke on the issue to ask the Common Council to pass the Planning Commission's recommendation. Alderman Betker did present his petition with 145 signatures. However, we're going to have to do some organizing before the September 4th meeting to make sure the Aldermen do the right thing to keep the friendly skies of Waukesha clear of falling helicopters.

In other news: The empty used car lot on the corner of Arcadian and Les Paul Parkway was annexed into the city tuesday in anticipation of development there. The Mayor will have us all reading Fahrenheit 451 in October, thanks to a federal grant. I think they should have used that federal grant to buy copies for everyone through my site. The Common Council unanimously passed authorization of the support officer for the school system. You'd think at least one hand would go up and ask whether this was an unnecessary policing of our schools. Alderman Tortomasi wanted it clear the city was doing something to support the schools. He didn't say whether it was productive. Speaking of the schools, some bureaucrat at the Waukesha water utility is going to get an award for teaching fourth graders about water conservation. I vote to give her a 21 flush salute. Couldn't we teach them reading, writing and arithmetic instead? Meanwhile, the state senate has in their budget a proposal to allow appeals of fire and police job terminations to state arbitrators instead of local fire and police commissions. The Common Council passed a resolution unanimously against the idea, and the resolution will be sent to our local legislators. Unmentioned at the meeting: State Senate = Democrats, local legislators = Republicans, local mayor = Democrat. Just sayin'.

My column in the Waukesha Freeman on Thursday covers the latest in the hiring of our new overlord, The City Administrator.

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