Friday, August 31, 2007

Wasn't he Anonymous?

I missed this but Patrick at Badger Blogger didn't, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has a declared opponent.

By checking his Bio page, we can see that he is yet another East Side tree hugging liberal (oh, they prefer to be called “progressive” now) that wants to make Milwaukee taxpayers pay for a light rail choo-choo that no one will ride… except maybe himself, since he claims to have taken the city bus downtown to register as a candidate.
I can't decide if he's running for mayor of Milwaukee or if he's running for the state assembly. Look at these issues:
Education - Improve schools and access to higher education

Infrastructure - Bring real (> 20 megabit/s) broadband to Milwaukee and build a rail based transportation systems that links people to jobs

Inovation - Ignite the entrepreneurial spiret of the commuity to make Milwaukee the paramount city of 21st century.
Candidate Klein has a blog, and was a contributor to Milwaukee World (with Michael Horne). And proof that you should do a thorough Google check on yourself before you run for public office, here is Joe Klein's Blogger profile:

I'm not sure what qualifications someone with the occupation of "geek" brings to the position of County Executive.