Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tailgating for prosperity

I'm late in mentioning this party, but last Friday evening a Who's Who of local conservatives attended the Americans for Prosperity tailgate party at Miller Park to enjoy a little ballpark fare, watch the Milwaukee Brewers win (a rarity these days), and talk a little politics. Among the attendees: State Rep Frank Lasee, State Rep Leah Vukmir, State Rep Bill Kramer, Waukesha County Treasurer Pam Reeves, State Rep Rich Zipperer, State Rep Jeff Stone, Chris Lufter and her husband, Troy Fullerton, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, Chris Kliesmet, a giant pig who doesn't work for Roger Waters, and plenty of others. Yes, I'm forgetting more than a few people.

Among the bloggers in attendance, Owen Robinson and family, Fred Dooley and Mrs. Real Debate, Steve Eggleston, and yours truly with his faithful sidekick Will.

For those of you who missed it, well, you missed it. Some of the attendees were asked to say a few words on camera. I'm on after the intern.

I won't mention the last time Chris Lufter was anywhere near Miller Park.

I did get a hot tip. I'm told my guess in the "Guess the date the budget gets passed" contest is too optimistic. I guessed the end of September.

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