Monday, August 27, 2007

Odds of getting hit by lightning

Three people died in a freak accident as a result of the storms that rolled through Wisconsin last week. State Representative Dave Travis (D-Planet Madison) wants the government to investigate to see if more laws are needed.

Rep. David Travis, D-Madison, said in letters to the three members of the {Public Service Commission} that he wants to know whether "proper procedures and safeguards were met for potential power line failures like this, according to recognized national and state standards."

Travis, whose district includes the neighborhood where the victims lived as well as the bus stop where the incident occurred, said the results of the commission's investigation could determine the need for new laws or rules governing such lines.

Lakisha Dancy, 28, her 2-year-old daughter, Maya Reese, and a family friend, Demetrius Dobbs, 22, were killed Wednesday when a power line fell into the street as they were boarding a Madison Metro bus.

Police have said lightning struck and all three were electrocuted by the electrical currents traveling through the water, which was as high as the bumper of the bus as a result of a severe rainstorm that hit the area.
Is it mere grandstanding over the tragic deaths of three people, or something else?
"I go by that corner every day," Travis said. "This is a very serious matter."
Gosh, Dave, that was close. Are you sure you're all right? Maybe some counseling would help?