Sunday, August 12, 2007

Left hand, right hand

Gretchen Schuldt wonders how hard is it to get in touch with former Milwaukee County Executive Dave Schultz.

First we have presented to us in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Dave Schulz as a money-grabbing former county exec who will qualify for a $17,600 annual county pension only because he bought back county service credit for a mere $1,767.

What did Schulz have to say to all this? Not much according to last month's expose in the Journal Sentinel: Schulz did not respond to numerous interview requests.
Okay, maybe the reporters should have asked the editorial department for his phone number.
Schulz has an op-ed piece in today's Crossroads section entitled, ironically enough, Don't fear, but you're going to have to pay.

Schulz was not referring to his own undeserved county pension, but to road infrastructure repair costs. His piece essentially an argument for higher taxes.
They probably paid him for the op-ed piece.