Saturday, August 18, 2007

Can we just protest for good taste?

Radio talk show host Michael Savage is under fire for suggesting some hunger strikers should starve themselves to death. Of course, isn't that what hunger strikers are there for? To starve themselves to death if they don't get their way? And if that isn't why they are there, then whats the point? Yet somehow suggesting that hunger strikers actually carry through with their threat is tantamount to promoting hatred. If Savage arranged for a bunch of vegetarian pizzas to be delivered, would that have been in support of the protest or the act of a war criminal? I'm confused.

Let's face it. There hasn't been a really good hunger strike since Bobby Sands and no fat, happy American protestors are going to show that kind of perserverence. And if a radio talk show host or someone else mocks them for it, its hardly hate speech.

Now if someone wants to pass the plate to collect a few bucks to protest Clear Channel because Michael Savage's "Savage Nation" is just really bad radio, I'm in for $5.

(ht: Right from the Right)

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