Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What does the secret decoder ring look like?

James Harris spots another waste of tax money in Milwaukee County.

After more than two decades of service, the official Milwaukee County Sheriff’s seven-point badge was retired last week. The question is…


Were the badges broken? Worn out? Outdated? Why did Sheriff Clarke unilaterally decide to dispose of tradition, pride and esprit decor?

The stylish-but-effeminate new five-point badge is rumored to cost more than $50 a pop! That’s 50 bones multiplied by 550-plus deputies and -- don’t forget -- matching patches, wallets, neck-badge holders and other accessories to boot. It all comes to more than $30,000 from the crippled County that also happens to hand out pension benefits like cups of Kool-Aid and wants to institute a 1-percent sales tax to cover fiscal shortfalls.
If you're guessing the five-pointed star is easier to draw, you're not that far off.
But you can’t talk about Sheriff David “Style” Clarke and badges in Milwaukee County without mentioning…the tattoo.

Inside sources tell me that Sheriff Style has a five-point badge tattooed on his shoulder.


Sheriff Clarke has always worn his well-earned vanity on his sleeve (or shoulder), but that’s obviously not enough for him anymore. Now he wants his subordinates to wear it on their chests.