Friday, July 06, 2007

Time Warp

I didn't mean to confuse the Spring City Chronicle by making sure my column ran as scheduled. I even turned it in a day early just to be sure.

I take on the expanding role of government in our health care and explain why the government is so interested in what we eat, drink and smoke.

You’ll be happy to learn that your health is now a matter of public policy. The government is already involved in purchasing health care for the poor, the elderly and even the children. If your health isn’t already costing the county, state and feds money, someday it will. The best the government can hope for is you to drop dead jogging before you collect any health benefits.

By the way, did you ever see a jogger smile?

The government already has a vested interest in what you eat and drink. No wonder some activists are just itching for a lawsuit against fast food restaurants just like they went after tobacco.

Here in Wisconsin, the incentive to interfere with your fine dining choices could get a lot worse.
Last week I looked at the Supreme Court's decision on the Wisconsin Right to Life challenge to McCain-Feingold and how it raised the blood pressure of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.
The WDC also said the court’s decision was "a step backward" to when "special interests were deemed free to keep the public in the dark" about funding of political speech.

Yes, it was a step backwards to a long tradition of anonymous political speech, from the anonymous writings of this country’s founding fathers to the anonymous political speech by bloggers of both the left and the right currently thriving on the Internet. One cannot help but wonder that had the WDC been around at the time of the Federalist Papers whether they would have had a bonfire.

Mike McCabe, the communications director for the WDC, once wrote, "Hiding behind the First Amendment in order to withhold essential information from the public is an act of desecration." Wisconsin Right to Life should be commended for not hiding when our First Amendment rights are under attack with such religious zeal, and we are freer today because of their efforts.
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