Monday, July 16, 2007

The looney bin

The New York Post 's Andrea Peyser reports on how the twisted logic of some 9/11 conspiracy theorists have them attacking a widow of that attack.

On Sept. 11, 2001, Neil, Ellen's husband of 13 years, boarded United 175 from Boston, bound for the wedding of Ellen's daughter. Ellen was flying separately because she had booked her flight months before, and it was full.

She's refused to take a dime from the fund that compensates victims.

"Could you go to sleep at night, knowing you took money for your husband's death?" she asks.

"Try to eat alone. Try to watch programs you both liked on TV without feeling guilty. Try to go to sleep at night while you don't have your honey with you. This is the hell I go through every day.

"I don't need evil people attacking me."
The conspiracy theorists are alleging her husband had a role in planning the 9/11 attacks.
On their Web site, Ellen's current, private home address is listed for every whack job to see. There also is "evidence" that her husband helped plan the attacks.

How could a retired, 58-year-old deliveryman help plan the destruction of the Twin Towers? The proof, presented as a kind of "gotcha!" smoking gun, is strikingly shallow.

Linked to the Web site is a copy of a deed transferring her husband's real property to Ellen. He took it out on July 26, 2001, 47 days before the trade center was destroyed.

As further "proof" that Louis Mariani - who went by his middle name, Neil - was involved, the Web site posts the lease transferring management rights of the World Trade Center to Larry Silverstein. The lease was taken out two days before Louis Mariani put his property in Ellen's name. Aha!

Confused? So am I.

The Web site is the work of a Rick Siegel, who hawks DVDs that purport to prove the trade center's destruction was an inside job. He is partners with Nico Haupt, who is known for sending blistering e-mail rants to trade-center survivors.
These are the types of people who feed off the craziness of Congressman Ron Paul, the former Libertarian Party candidate for president currently running for the Republican nomination.