Saturday, July 14, 2007

I have a confession to make

When I returned from a trip to Israel in 1985, I gave a few shekel coins out as presents. I didn't realize what I did was un-American.

Five years ago on a business trip to Reynosa, Mexico, I accidentally paid for my lunch in American dollars.

I should also confess that I am occasionally guilty of passing a Canadian dime or quarter.

I know it's wrong. But I didn't realize until today that I was aiding and abetting the destruction of America's national identity. Please don't report me to the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

(ht: The American Mind)

For the record, let me remind everyone on this blog's policy of accepting payment for advertising:

I'll take dollars, pesos, Canadian currency, Euros, Rubles, Shekels, Yen, Yuan, Rupees, coin of the realm, coin of other realms, precious stones, the Rolling Stones, and free pizza.
If there is something I forgot, I'm sure we can work it out.

Gosh, I hope Michelle Malkin doesn't get mad at me for being un-American or something.

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