Friday, July 06, 2007

Condemning Paul Hill Days

Wisconsin Right to Life issued the following press release right before Independence Day,

Wisconsin Right to Life has learned that four groups, who wrongly call themselves "pro-life, will be in Milwaukee from July 26-29 to honor Paul Hill, a terribly misguided individual who was executed in Florida for murdering abortionist John Britton in 1994.

The three day event is being called "Paul Hill Days" and will include an "reinactment of 7-29-1994," (referring to an reinactment of the murder of Britton by Hill thirteen years ago on that date.)

"It is terrifying that a 'reinactment' of the murder will take place in our state. It should be condemned by pro-life people of good will everywhere," said Barbara Lyons, Executive Director for Wisconsin Right to Life. "Wisconsin Right to Life has consistently spoken out against violent individuals like Paul Hill who inappropriately use the name of the pro-life movement in carrying out their deplorable acts."

The organizations sponsoring "Paul Hill Days" are "Paul Hill Memorial," "Children Need Heros," "Street Preach," and Pro-Life Virginia.

The pro-life movement is guided by the belief that each and every human life has intrinsic value and that the efforts to protect human life should be carried out in a peaceful, legal, non-violent manner.
Somehow I don't imagine those organizations will be cheerfully greeted by the Greater Milwaukee Convention & Visitors Bureau, nor should they.

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