Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Clothing the emperor

Michael Dukakis in the tank:

John Kerry in the suit:

JB Van Hollen, Grand Master of the Masons:

Update! 7/18 My humorless critics respond:

"Moreover, sir, which is indeed not under white and black, this plaintiff here, this offender, did call me ass. I beseech you let it be remembered in his punishment."
- Much Ado About Nothing V,i
Dave Carrick, who thinks Ann Coulter is funny, calls me an "a$$" (I have no idea what the dollar signs mean).

Little Miss Sunshine calls Van Hollen a "brick.. house". Does that mean he's big boned? She then lists a bunch of other Masons with great accomplishments.

I was thinking. Maybe he would make a great James Bond looking for terrorists in the Wisconsin Dells.

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