Monday, July 16, 2007

Cathy Stepp on recalling John Lehman

Former State Senator Cathy Stepp (in her debut as a blogger) does not support recalling State Senator John Lehman. She's correct.

I know there is a great deal of righteous indignation over his recent votes in the Senate. His blatant disregard for pro-jobs initiatives, his stalwart support for the broken machine of RUSD and REA, and his staunch support for the largest state tax increase in US history are certainly reasons for heartburn.

But none of these positions were unknown prior to his election in November. While I disagree with John on almost everything in the world, I knew of his beliefs before the election and I voted accordingly. That's why we have elections. When we disagree vehemently with a candidate, it's our obligation to either run ourselves, or actively support those who agree with our values and ideas.

Do I begrudge any of you who feel passionately about recalling him? No, I don't. The recall laws are currently written in a way that's conducive to your goal. But I didn't think George Petak should have been recalled due to his vote on the stadium tax. (Although, I remember being mad as a hornet over his actions!) But did that mean I wanted him run out of office? Absolutely not.

I think we should start focusing on someone who could run for the seat in 3 years.

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