Thursday, June 07, 2007

Really, I'm on blogging vacation

I even made plans to take more time off from blogging, possibly all month. I made arrangements with another blog that if I wanted to post something in an emergency I could do it over there. Instead it looks like I'm going to be busy instead.

Maybe in August.

I had a nice conversation this evening with Pete Kennedy, a Saturday columnist for the Waukesha Freeman. For trying not to inject myself into the news, I apparently found myself in the news. I expect to be quoted in Pete Kennedy's column Saturday about hurting Josh Carter's feelings with a blog post.

Because Kramer could not arrive until after the first hour, Pope-Roberts took the time to use to partisan advantage, attacking local state legislators for not being in attendance. Never mind that they already sat through one of these things before, never mind the crowd was uglier than the Detroit Airport, never mind that Kramer had committed to attend and was en route, Pope-Roberts blamed politics for the local state legislators not attending the event.

I kept waiting for the moderator South High School senior Josh Carter to call her on it, but then that was probably too much to expect out of a kid and it's a reminder why children should be seen and not heard.
Maybe Carter was upset at what I wrote in my column,
Unfortunately, there were also a few in the crowd who were unruly and shouted from the audience. They might have asked themselves what kind of example they were setting for the students in attendance. Credit should go to Kramer for keeping his cool when confronted by such obnoxious boors taking advantage of a teenager playing at the role of moderator.
I think it's odd for one columnist to interview another, so I'm curious what we'll see on Saturday. It's not like I was at these events as a participant. I was there to observe.

I'm surprised Kennedy didn't ask me about the Detroit airport reference.

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