Monday, June 11, 2007

Damn you, David Chase

I think I'm somewhere between stage 3 & 4. The lovely Doreen from Waukesha ("That red hair is no lie") is still on stage 2.

The 5 stages of mourning the end of "The Sopranos."
By Ann Althouse

1. Denial. What the hell? The cable cuts out now? Now of all times?!

2. Anger. I watched 6 seasons for this? Damn you David Chase! I'm canceling my HBO!

3. Bargaining. Can we have a "Sopranos" movie now?

4. Depression. We have to watch "John From Cincinnati." This is terrible.

5. Acceptance.
Meanwhile, Jessica McBride is out to prove WISN-AM's Mark Belling wrong that women aren't analytical enough to truly appreciate the Sopranos. She adds in a second post,
In the end, Tony was surrounded by the only family that was ever real. He'd always been loyal to two families, but the Mob family wasn't lasting. The Mob "family" was gone. Silvio, in a coma. Christopher, dead. Bobby, dead. Uncle Junior, not even remembering who Tony was. Paulie, not killed, but not there for him anymore, either. It was over. But, despite all he put them through, Tony's real family was with him in the end. If Tony was killed, they were the ones with him. Which is pretty profound.
Unfortunately, she's convinced Tony Soprano is dead, which is what happens when you watch too much "24."

Meanwhile, my friend StB returned from Las Vegas to watch the Sopranos he recorded with his DVR and had the same reaction millions of Americans did watching the Sopranos Sunday night. "I just watched the Sopranos and need to find out if that was the actual ending or if my DVR suddenly cut out with a minute left."

Hangovers are such a pain when you can't even rely on your DVR to keep you company.

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