Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blogging vacation

Monday June 18th is this blog's third anniversary. I'm celebrating by taking a vacation.

No, really. Okay, my wife doesn’t believe it either. I’m taking a long blog vacation with plans to come back July 5th.

I want you all to know my wife’s first question was, “What about your readers?” Strangely enough, I think you’ll all survive.

You’re probably asking, why now? Well, there’s really no good time to do this, which is part of the problem. School has ended for the year and my son is wondering if daddy can come out to play. The website really needs some overhaul. There’s an apple tree in the yard that needs to come down and George Washington is nowhere to be found. Somebody has to build a shed in the backyard.

The website really needs some serious work done on it.

In fact, while I’m “gone,” I’ll be right here doing some work on the site. I’ll also be monitoring what is going on in the Cheddarsphere and continuing to write my column. I’m not going anywhere.

The good news about my timing is that if I take time off right now, I don’t have to worry about my advertisers. (Americans for Prosperity are probably wondering why I haven’t sent them an invoice for June.) The bad news is that I’m likely to miss the final budget negotiations in Madison, the renewed contract with the teacher’s union in Waukesha, the resolution of the issue with the stupid helicopter landing in my neighborhood, and the hiring of a new city administrator.

Like I said, there’s not a good time to do this. Which is why the time is now.

When I come back tanned, rested and ready, I think you’ll like some of the changes around here.

If you have any suggests, comments or criticisms about the blog, please leave them in the comments.

I’ll see you July 5th (if not earlier).

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