Friday, May 25, 2007

Wineke sees "big oil"

"Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Wineke: Calls on GOP to join Democrats to lower gas prices"

Did he use ATT to make the call?

Sadly, Wineke does not:
1. Demand Governor Doyle's version of the Windfall Profits Tax be defeated by the legislature.
2. Demand the repeal of the minimum mark-up law.
3. Demand the lowering of the state's gas tax.
4. Demand the loosening of regulations regarding the construction of more refinement capacity.
5. Demand that more domestic sites be opened for exploration and drilling.

No, he's willing to just find another way to tax businesses and stick it to the consumer. Maybe "big oil" should hire him as a lobbyist, too, and help him find his love of free enterprise in that industry.

By the way, if you want a basic introduction to what "record" profits means, Al at Is Anybody There? has a pretty good short explanation.

Now if we could only get a legislative body to investigate "record" tax revenue.

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