Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wasting away in Menomonee Falls

I'm at the library in Menomonee Falls, my home for the next several Saturdays, doing some research. Don't ask. Anyways, today has been a bust as my cell phone keeps ringing.

The first two times I took my cell phone to the lunch area they have on the 2nd floor to argue with the caller. Don't ask. Anyways, after the second time the librarian approached me to tell me that even though the lunch area is separated by glass, the false ceiling in the room does not block sound. The sound carried up and across a wonderfully acoustic accomodating ceiling in the main library to librarian's desk halfway across the building. She was very nice about it, especially when I apologized.

Now, let me get this straight. The architect who designed this library did not take into account that people eating their lunches might disturb those who are trying to work and read in a library?

They also have a nice balcony area for eating and whatever. Unfortunately, it's never open. I asked the librarian when they were planning on opening it and she told me, "When it's nice out."

"It's nice today."
"When it gets into the 70s maybe."
Since she was nice enough not to throw me and my constantly ringing cell phone out, I decided to let it pass.

It looks beautiful outside.

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