Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Strains of Wagner in the air

From today's Waukesha Freeman Sound Off

Helicopter request
To all who are throwing a fit about Al Kropp and his helicopter, shame on you. This man owns businesses all over the Midwest. He has an active interest in all of them. He does not just sit in an office somewhere and sign papers. He personally oversees them all. He does what he does to ensure his future in this great country of the United States. He is living the American dream. His helicopter does not hurt anyone. Let the man fly in peace.
I see you and your neighbors are volunteering to have a rookie helicopter pilot buzz your neighborhood. Do you think Al Kropp would allow one of his neighbors to land a helicopter next to his home?

No harm? How about to my quality of life? How about to my property values? The airport is ten minutes away. His flying might kill him, but choosing to land at the airport won't.

By the way, where the heck is my alderman on this? Do you think they would allow this in Elm Grove?

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