Monday, May 14, 2007

Radio is a sound salvation

If you were listening to WTMJ-AM or WISN-AM today, you probably heard the latest ad from Wisconsin Club for Growth.

Wisconsin Club for Growth, Inc., began airing radio advertising in several Wisconsin markets today reminding listeners of Governor Jim Doyle’s promise not to raise taxes to solve Wisconsin’s budget woes, and encouraging people to contact their legislators to vote against Doyle’s proposed $1.75 billion dollar tax increase.

The ad features audio clips from a Doyle state of the state address, and begins with Doyle saying, “We should not, we must and I will not raise taxes,” followed with enthusiastic applause from the state legislature. The announcer then says, “That was Governor Jim Doyle when all he cared about was getting re-elected. But we if we knew then what we know now?” The Doyle audio is repeated but this time the audience responds with laughter.

The ad goes on to highlight proposed tax increases in the Doyle budget including
hospitals, nursing home beds, college applications, dry cleaning, music downloads,
cigarettes and gas.
Check out the video at their new website.

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