Monday, May 21, 2007

McGee Jr looking for revenge?

On his morning show on WNOV-AM, Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee Jr called today for a demonstration at UW-Milwaukee to have Jessica McBride fired as a lecturer from the Mass Communications department for a radio bit on WTMJ-AM. You might recall, McGee Jr took over the WNOV-AM radio program after former alderman Michael McGee Sr used
the radio program to say he was glad the mother of another radio personality had died and suggested that the radio personality may have played a role in his mother's death.

McGee Jr is no stranger to controversy. During a hearing on a restraining order, McGee Jr threatened his ex-lover (who was seeking the restraining order) and arguably committed perjury. The woman McGee Jr threatened is also the mother of his child out of wedlock. McGee Jr was recently discovered to have two identities, and one identity was allegedly used to avoid financial responsibility in a car accident. McGee Jr also survived a recall effort led by ViAnna Jordan.

Probably not coincidentally, one of Jordan's attorneys was Paul Bucher, a former Waukesha District Attorney and Jessica McBride's husband. McGee Jr definitely has a revenge motive in trying to seek McBride's removal, both for his father's removal from WNOV-AM and for Bucher's role in the recall.

In the radio bit, McBride pretended to interview the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's in-house race-baiter Eugene Kane and substituted a chicken clucking noise instead of his answers because Kane had previously refused an invitation to appear on McBride's program.

One of the questions concerned the shooting of a four-year-old girl, and the question was siezed upon by liberal and leftist bloggers in the community to
demand an apology. One of the bloggers in question, Jim Rowen, is reported by real Debate Wisconsin to have been in competition with McBride for the UWM lecturer position she now holds.

McBride was subsequently let go by WTMJ-AM and replaced with a sydicated radio program hosted by comedian Dennis Miller. The move to Dennis Miller was planned, but the firing of McBride was hastened by the radio bit in question.