Saturday, May 05, 2007

It's the cheap keyboard synthesizer drum beat that drives me crazy

Our friend Dad29 conducts a Q&A of sorts between folk music church choirs and church traditionalists. My favorite:

2. Why should a ‘folk’ group have a sound system roughly the size of a Rolling Stones tour ca. 1976?

Answer: We have no understanding of acoustics, and even less of taste.
I am cursed to attend Mass with the lovely Doreen from Waukesha who sang with the Milwaukee Symphony Choir. Whenever we're confronted with bad "choir" music (often composed after 1960) my wife starts to squirm in her seat, bite her lip, and squeeze my hand harder until the pain has passed.

Somewhat related story: When we were living in Franklin we had the unfortunate experience of attending Mass at St Martin of Tours at Easter. At one point (Doreen could tell you what part of Mass) the "music" was indistiguishable from Age of Aquarius by the Fifth Dimension. The readings were done by a 16 year old girl (I'm guessing) with a skirt slit way up to here. But the best was the synthesized samba beat as we waited for Communion.

Everybody Conga Line!