Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Illegal Mom!

Last 4th of July, James wrote a column featuring our close friend Ziggy from Poland and how he loved becoming a citizen of the USA. Ziggy's Mother is visiting from Poland again this year. He plans on having her visit each year for 6 months. Ziggy's Mom is in her 70s.

She arrived on Saturday and much to her chagrin, was stopped by an Immigration official who indicated that even though she had a 10 year visa and that the US Embassy in Warsaw told her she could visit her son each year for that duration, that they were wrong! She cannot visit her son for 6 months each year. But she can visit every other year for shorter durations. Perhaps 1-3 months instead. The immigration official let her off this time-because we all know that this 70+ year woman is a threat!

I think that my friend should just sneak his mom across the Mexican border next year to save him the hassle. Can you imagine if our immigration officials used even half of this energy to deal with our REAL immigration problem? Maybe that wall will finally be built!

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