Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Hepburn centennial

Turner Classic Movies' Robert Osborne commenting on Katherine Hepburn,

Robert Osborne, the channel's host, believes her appeal came from "her class and her oddity and her uniqueness. She was a wonderful role model for women, being independent, being her own person. She was one of those like Bette Davis, like Barbara Stanwyck — she gave license to women to be independent. I think that's one of the great things she did.

"That was a different era then," he added. "Even common farm women wanted to be classy. Today everyone wants to be unclassy — people show up in restaurants in major cities looking like hell. In those days, people came to New York and they brought their best clothes and they dressed up and went out. It's so alien to the way they feel today. People loved Hepburn because she was so classy, she was somebody to aspire to."
One of my favorite Sopranos moments was when Tony Soprano made some schmuck take his hat off inside a restaraunt. Even sociopaths know class.

Katherine Hepburn's birthday is Saturday. "My, she was yar..."

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