Friday, May 04, 2007

Lets see if they can find a spine

An e-mail sent earlier to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:


I understand you will have an editorial appearing
tomorrow concerning what Michael McGee Sr said about
the death of WTMJ radio personality Charlie Sykes'
mother. I'm not sure you're also aware that Marquette
Professor John McAdams has been in contact with WNOV
owner Jerrel Jones and that Jones has indicated McGee
Sr will not be on the air Monday, and that the fate of
his program is being decided by Jones on Saturday.

To steal a line from Margaret Thatcher, now is not the
time for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to go all

Please add your voice to those of us who are outraged
that Michael McGee Sr has consitently gotten away with
behavior like this for years without any consquences.
This time he and WNOV must be held accountable for
McGee's continued irresponsible behavior, and the best
way for that to happen would be if WNOV severed it's
relationship with Michael McGee Sr.

This is not a free speech issue. Nobody is stopping
McGee from saying anything on any street corner in the
city, or at any press conference, or at any gathering
of his supporters.

This is a request by the community at large that WNOV
hold itself to some standard of decency. And if it
cannot, then the challenge must be made to WNOV's
advertisers and the advertisers in the Milwaukee
Courier (Jerrel Jones' newspaper) whether they will
continue to associate themselves with Jerrel Jones and
Michael McGee Sr.

James Wigderson
Wigderson Library & Pub

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