Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in-house race-baiter Eugene Kane returns from vacation to comment on Jasmine Owens' death. Here's the closing part of his column:

The vows made before Jasmine's casket for people to change their ways will ring true only when the same people in church - specifically the young black men from the neighborhood - make their new resolve felt in the streets. These are the young men who live in the same world as Jasmine's shooter.

They have to make the same vows to change or it doesn't mean a thing.

Unlike others in this city, I have no illusions Jasmine's death will resound in a permanent way without constant reinforcement this summer. After all, just days after Jasmine's death, the big story on the news was a change in the weather, which shows how soon we forget. It would suit me just fine if her death served as a grim reminder for all the gangsters out for revenge to consider the little kids in the vicinity before spraying their community with bullets.

Just think about what a kid in a casket looks like before taking the next shot.

Let's start with that and go from there.
That was the closest I could find to something substantive in the column. I think I preferred the clucking chicken.

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