Thursday, May 03, 2007

Angela McGlowan

Yes, I know there are two of the same ads running on top of each other. Two different ad buys are overlapping for a day. For those of youwho are tempted to click the ads (please do, of course), you might be interested that Kathryn Lopez interviewed her for National Review.

Kathryn Jean Lopez: What’s the point calling people names like “bamboozler”?

Angela McGlowan: I decided that it was time to stand up and call a spade a spade. For 50 years liberals have conned and used blacks, Latinos, and women into supporting an agenda that sells them out and betrays their values. We’ve become the dupes of the Democrat party. Liberals have gotten away with their civil-rights shell game for too long. They’ve boxed blacks, Latino, and women in to their predetermined pens because without a stranglehold on these three groups Democrats can’t win elections. So I decided to call them what they are: bamboozlers.

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