Monday, May 21, 2007

All my prejudices wrapped up in one novel

I can't stop laughing. This is enough to ruin a literary critic for life.

Fountainhead Earth is a twenty-volume philosophical fiction novel by Nobel prizewinning author Ayn Rand. It was Rand's last work of fiction, and all volumes after the first were published posthumously. All volumes made the New York Times Best Seller list, but the series received almost universal critical condemnation.

The series successfully achieved negative sales, with critics sending their copies back as returns, and more copies being remaindered than were actually printed.

Fountainhead Earth is not a series of twenty novels, it just feels like it.
You don't want to skip, "Fountainhead Earth and Objectivism".
Many readers are confused that the series appears to jump from Volume II to Volume IV. Volume III, No News Is Xenu's, is the s3kr1t l3v3l you can only read after a suitable degree of study and payment of a large sum of cash to the Church of Objectivism. In Volume III, you learn of the Philosopher Xenu and how you are covered in Nerdy Thetans, the souls of dead Heinlein-reading geeks who never shut up.
I'm looking forard to reading the next book, Xenu Shrugged.

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