Sunday, February 18, 2007

Top ten reasons Spivak & Bice are not staying together

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is publishing the last Spivak & Bice column today. Yes, the boys are splitting up like Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Hope and Crosby, Simon and Garfunkel, India and Pakistan. My spies have found out ten reasons Spivak & Bice are being split up:

  1. Don't have Tom Reynolds to kick around anymore.
  2. Tired of being confused with Penn and Teller.
  3. Could not agree which of them should read the blogs, and which of them should write about the blogs.
  4. Tired of bloggers e-mailing them, "You linked to me but I'm not seeing any traffic. Doesn't anybody read you guys?"
  5. Bice wanted top billing.
  6. Democrats in majority in Madison - no longer sending hot tips.
  7. "Spice Boys" nickname made Spivak nervous.
  8. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel embarrassed to actually have one news finding column in the newspaper.
  9. Spivak too neat. Bice is too sloppy.
  10. Smaller size of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel meant room for only Spivak or Bice, but not both, in picture above column.

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