Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl thoughts

Prediction: I'm going to pick the Indianapolis Colts over the Chicago Bears, 30-16. I think the Colts' defense is adequate enough to stop the Bears, and offensively I just don't see Rex Grossman able to lead his team down the field like Peyton Manning can. Peyton Manning wants this to be his best game ever. Grossman is looking forward to the after game parties.

As for the Bears' defense, it's overrated, as the last half of the season has shown.

Rooting interest: What do White Sox fans become in the winter? Bears fans. All the more reason to root for the Colts.

The Commercials: We should all watch a little closer this year. Not because the commercials will be any better, but because Katie Crabb from North Prairie won a contest and her commercial will air during the game. She and her teacher, Jessica McBride, are in Miami for the game.

The whole Kevin Federlein fry cook commercial controversy is overblown, kinda like Kevin Federlein.

Patrick at Badger Blogger will be "live-blogging" the commercials.

I guarantee some of the commercials will be more offensive than the half-time show.

Are you not entertained? Billy Joel and Prince. Neither are expected to bare a breast. But seriously, what people tend to forget is that the whole Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake performance was not family friendly before the supposed "wardrobe malfunction." Supposedly the NFL is concerned about its image and its viability as family entertainment. It could start to move beyond lip service by looking at the entirety of their productions, including the commercials that air during the games.

I'm not a prude. But there's a time for adult entertainment (like the Sopranos or Rome on HBO) and a time for family entertainment. The NFL needs to make a choice which category it belongs in.

Game meal: Home made chili. Chips and salsa. Coca-Cola.

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