Thursday, February 22, 2007

The roach horror

Milwaukee County's courthouse has a little bug problem, and it's got the political Left acting like the roaches are carrying guns and killing people. Let's stop the horror and disgust reaction for a few moments and look at some facts.

1) If Walker had been allowed to hire a private cleaning company like he wanted, poor sloppy Kitty Brennan would have someone to empty her trashcan.

2) If Walker hires an exterminator, the animal rights people will go, well, nuttier. Not to mention poor Kitty Brennan will complain about the fumes.

3) Pets are known to have a therapeutic, calming effect on people. No cheaper pet than a pet cockroach.

4) Are they sure the cockroaches are the result of Courthouse uncleanliness? My bet is that they followed County Board Chairman Lee Holloway from one of his rental properties. They probably decided to stay when they discovered the Courthouse was warmer and safer than a Holloway slum apartment.

5) If you aren't going to reduce the Milwaukee County Board to part-time, then give each member a can of Raid, a fly swatter and a map of part of the building and have them do something useful for once.

6) I just hope a cockroach doesn't crawl into the mouth of one of the sleeping union custodians.

7) Did you know that a cockroach can live off the back of a postage stamp for two weeks?

8) Did you know you can buy roach spray and other similar items from, and help this website at the same time? (Maybe I should send this last one to Scott Walker.)

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