Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The right applause line

Let me join in the chorus congratulating Waukesha State Representative Bill Kramer for applauding during the governor's speech when the governor mentioned the profits for "Big Oil."

First let me say the whole speech thing with built-in applause lines where the governor's party stands and cheers at scripted moments and the other party sits there quietly is just silly and juvenile. I can't stand it when the President gives a state of the union address and I certainly can't stand it at the state and local level. So, just on the grounds that Kramer chose a moment to punctuate the "wrong part" of the governor's speech earns him some credit in this quarter.

But it was also good that the moment Kramer chose was the mentioning of an oil company's profits. We should be celebrating when an American corporation is doing well. That's why corporations are created - to make money.

If you think a corporation is making "too much" profit, then become an investor. Buy stock. Or better yet, if a company is making "too much" money start a rival company and fight for some of those "excess profits" yourself. Then what you do with your own money is your business. Give it all away if you want. At least you will have earned it first rather than take it from someone else.

Who here is willing to give money back to the shareholders of a corporation if the corporation loses money? I thought so.