Thursday, February 08, 2007

No wonder Bugs Bunny didn't stop there

What is the nation's "fittest city"? Albuquerque.

The magazine's [Men's Fitness] nonscientific survey of 50 cities listed Seattle as No. 2 in the most-fit rankings, followed by Colorado Springs; Minneapolis; Tucson, Ariz.; Denver; San Francisco; Baltimore; Portland, Ore.; and Honolulu.

It's Top 10 fattest cities are Las Vegas, Nev., up from No. 2 last year; San Antonio, Texas; Miami; Mesa, Ariz.; Los Angeles; Houston; Dallas; El Paso, Texas; Detroit; and San Jose, Calif.

"This is not a scientific list; this is a commonsense list," said Neal Boulton, editor of Men's Fitness. He said he puts out the fittest and fattest lists each year for one reason — "to motivate folks to look at simple things in their lives they can do to be healthy."
So it's a higher, ideological truth, just not very scientific. I understand Al Gore plans on doing a documentary on Albuquerque.

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