Sunday, January 28, 2007

Victims of Crime

Sheriff Clarke takes up the theme where I left off in responding to Governor Doyle's proposed commission to study the incarceration of young black males in Wisconsin:

Wisconsin's criminal justice system does discriminate - against victims of crime, not criminal defendants.

Watered-down sentences in exchange for plea bargains, finding excuses not to prosecute, low or no bail allowing perpetrators to return to impoverished minority neighborhoods to victimize law-abiding black residents once again, is what a governor ought to be outraged about. This has created a system of revolving-door injustice, which results in a criminal justice system that disproportionately discriminates against black residents.

On Dec. 29, I attended another memorial service at a central city church for all of the people violently killed in the Milwaukee area in 2006. Only one other elected official attended. The rest must have been busy framing their position statement of "concern" over the report from the crime council.

The surviving family members who were in attendance also were disproportionately black. They are the ones deserving of our concern, but they don't fit the race-baiting agenda.

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