Sunday, January 28, 2007

Just in case you thought this year would be better than the last

The Recess Supervisor at Playground Politics on Wednesday took a look ahead at the Republican legislative agenda in Madison.

The plan, entitled "Assembly GOP: Careening into the Minority" will resemble a farcical, Spaceballs-like adventure into the ideological backwash of sessions past.

In other words, don't expect to see any new ideas. They're flat out of those. Just expect to see a lot of recycling and spin.
Here's the part on taxes:
Taxes: The GOP knows it probably should lower taxes. But it doesn't have the unity to actually propose anything concrete. So we're probably going to get some empty paeans about how Assembly leadership is going to pursue every possible means to lower taxes at the state level. What will that translate to? Well, they're going to end up signing off on an increase in the cigarette tax this summer, and they're going to piss and moan about property tax freezes some more. Besides, how can you talk about substantive tax cuts when you have senators like Ted Kanavas looking to commit the state to tens of millions of additional dollars in tax giveaways to his rich friends the angel investors and venture capitalists? Like always, they're too busy giving money away to WMC to actually take a serious swipe at tax rates.

Here's the link to the actual Republican Assembly agenda statement, and here's the Senate Republican agenda statement:
“To build upon the success of last session’s Invest Wisconsin initiative, Senate Republicans are recommitting ourselves to evolving our economy, creating high paying jobs and a path toward greater entrepreneurship,” stated Kanavas.

At a press conference held this morning in the Capitol’s Senate Parlor, Senator Kanavas, described each of the eleven initiatives including a bill reducing the marginal income tax rate by 1%.

“We are unveiling Invest Wisconsin 2.0 to keep us focused on expanding and transitioning our economy. Wisconsin already has what it takes to create a strong, vibrant and diverse economy. What we need to do is give businesses the tools to succeed,” Kanavas concluded.

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