Thursday, June 11, 2009

Watching the grass grow

Our good friend StB has run afoul of the city of Milwaukee. Some "inspector" is going to come out to his house and measure the length of the blades of grass in his lawn. Oh yeah, StB gets to pay for the privilege.

Looks like I may go to battle with the city after the notice I received yesterday. In the mail was a notice telling me I owed the City of Milwaukee $25.00 for an inspection. I didn't ask for any inspection. What could this be for? Weed inspection. It was for the notice I had saying I had weeds that were too tall.

Ok, I did need to cut the grass but it was kind of tough considering it had rained that week (Monday was Memorial Day) and I was camping that weekend. Some time on either that Friday or Saturday I got a notice taped to my door informing me I needed to take care of it.

And I did. Case closed.

Or so I thought. This notice does not specify what the inspection is for. Is it to inspect my property to make sure I took care of everything? Was it for the initial inspection? I am not paying anything until I have answers. Better yet, they say you can appeal this but only after you fill out a form and pay the $25.

StB attempted to call the office to find out what exactly was the issue, but of course everybody left for the day. The person answering the phones told StB he was not alone with his complaint.

I suspect the $25 doesn't even cover the inspector's time. Maybe Milwaukee should have a few less weed inspectors and a few more minimum wage employees cutting the grass on the boulevards this summer.