Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Kramer calls it the "Worst. Budget. Ever."

State Representative Bill Kramer summed up his feelings on the state budget in a statement released Monday night:

Worst. Budget. Ever.

The biennial state budget that the State Assembly is going to begin debating - and likely pass - this week is a clear example that elections have consequences.

Whether it was the manner in which it was created (in private, away from prying eyes, and with the special interests hovering) or the policy that it creates, the state budget is an orgy of excess.

The foxes appear to be running the hen house.

Crafted by some of the state's most liberal and extreme politicians (State Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison) and State Sen. Mark Miller (D-Madison)), the budget increases state spending by almost 7 percent and increases taxes by NO LESS than $2.9 billion (which includes the $1.2 billion already tacked on earlier this spring).

This budget declares war on job creators, investors, and our working families. If you buy gas, have health insurance, have car insurance, download music, have investments, have a cell phone, produce garbage, have a child at the UW, or have a teenager who works, you will pay more tribute to your benevolent state government.

I cannot believe that when the voters gave Democrats full control of state government that they anticipated the special interest-driven agenda that is about to become law.

The Democrats have abused the authority given to them, have shunned scrutiny, and even broken their own rules and promises in their zealous drive to rewrite our social contract.