Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Banish thought

Dean Mundy, the longtime Waukesha blogger at Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative, announced yesterday there would be no more updates.

What started 5 and a half years ago has come to an end.

This is my last post. I am quitting for personal reasons.

I will miss the friends I made here and on Twitter and Facebook, but all things must end sometime.

I thank those folks who stopped by to read my musings on different subjects. What started as simply an outlet for the words that churned inside me, became a small network of friends. Maybe I will still run into you if I attend any political events in the future.

The blog will remain up, but I don’t plan on being back to update it in the near future.

I’ve had fun.


Bloggers burnout often in the first year. To make it to five is an accomplishment, and more so if you can blog like Dean and be appreciated by everyone who blogs in Wisconsin.

For us it's not truly goodbye since he lives close by and I suspect I will be bumping into the man in the Tampa Bay Buccaneer jacket soon.