Sunday, January 04, 2009

Didn't he want to be president?

Now it turns out he's unfit to sit in the cabinet. Gov. Bill Richardson, the most-qualified Democrat running for president the last two years is withdrawing his name as the nominee for Commerce Secretary.

The grand jury has been investigating “pay-to-play” allegations concerning a New Mexico state contract awarded to a California firm that has contributed to three political committees formed by Richardson, The Associated Press reported last month.

A source close to Richardson told Politico, "There are too many unanswered questions and while he thinks the results of the grand jury will turn out in his favor, he doesn't want to distract attention from the administration."

A Senate aide told Politico there had been "nervousness" within the Senate and more specifically the Senate Commerce Committee about the grand jury probe in recent weeks.

The announcement prompted immediate finger-pointing about the vetting process, with Democrats wondering what Obama screeners asked Richardson and what he told them, and whether he was really involved or was just being tarred by the actions of others.
Remember the questions about McCain's vetting process in picking a running mate? Maybe a president with a little more experience would have had a better vetting process for his cabinet.

I do have a suggestion for the neophyte chief executive. Since we're going to be without a Commerce Secretary for awhile, why not just abolish the cabinet department?